P1000484 (Small)When you need a large volume bin that can handle the largest loads such as land clearing and construction, look to Central Cariboo Disposal System Roll-Off Bins.

The smaller roll-off bins are good for rocks or disposal of heavy materials such as concrete, sand, dirt, roofing materials, etc. They are great for smaller residential yard clean ups and for small construction.

Where and when you need it:

Whether you need your bin on a regular basis with regular pickup or a whole fleet of bins for a special event, we can accommodate your full needs.

Don’t know which bin is for you?

We can help you find the right bin size and pickup schedule that will work best for your business. Contact us


Small Roll-Off Bin Standard Roll-Off Bin Max Roll-Off Bin
minirollofff rolloffbin maxrolloff
10 Yard 20 Yard
Width 7 ft 7 ft
Depth 11 ft 11 ft
Height 3.5 ft 7 ft
14 Yard 20 Yard 40 Yard
Width 7 ft 7 ft 7 ft
Depth 11 ft 22 ft 22 ft
Height 4 ft 4 ft 8 ft
40 Yard
Width 7 ft
Depth 22 ft
Height 8 ft