Central Cariboo Disposal Services (2001) Ltd. is the Central Cariboo’s central solid waste collection and recycling facility.

We provide residential curbside (solid waste and recycle) collection, commercial and industrial solid waste and recyling collection services. Our vision is to support and encourage our clients in the reduction of solid waste, diversion of materials away from landfills, and the re-use / recycling of a broad range of materials.

Central Cariboo Disposal Services (2001) Ltd. offers recyling solutions for your office building, retail building, service center or manufactuirng facilty. Contact us to schedule a solid waste / recycling review. We are able to provide your business with full service solutions catered specifically to your needs.

We can show you how you can make a difference.

We recycle:

We collect (we are a depot):

Other materials drop off or collection depots:

Materials that cannot be recycled at this time: